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IDOLCHAMP - Showchampion, Fandom, K-pop, Ido


版本: v5.7.65


标签: IDOLCHAMP - Showchampion Fandom K-pop Ido 需要联网 无广告 中文

IDOLCHAMP - Showchampion, Fandom, K-pop, Ido


为Idol Champ的MBC音乐节目“Show Champion”提前投票!
LIVE投票结束后,您可以查看是否已经赢得了抽奖活动的门票,参观工作室的Show Champion LIVE!


** IDOLCHAMP支持你偶像的方式**
让我们用“IDOLCHAMP Chart”#1在电视上宣传我最喜欢的偶像!
“IDOLCHAMP CHART”是一项自我排名服务,可编辑和计算参与IDOLCHAMP各种粉丝服务的活动。当你的偶像到达并赢得月度图表的第一名时,你的偶像的推广视频将在电视频道上播出,如“MBC MUSIC”,“MBC every1”,“MBC电视剧”。最重要的是,你的偶像也将被列入名人堂。



查看未发布的图片,例如IDOLCHAMP中的Show champion&Weekly Idol!每个星期三,在节目播出时使用我们的直播服务,并通过评论支持您最喜欢的偶像!

如果您想让您的偶像成为IDOLCHAMP的冠军,请立即加入并参与IDOLCHAMP CHART吧!

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- 设备ID(必需):使用设备上的帐户和配置文件数据来区分和识别您的设备并发送推送警报消息。
- 应用内购买(可选):用户使用此功能在应用中购买。
- 照片视频文件(可选):访问关于个人资料照片的图库,并使用设备中的已保存文件和设备的外部存储(充电站)(Adiscope)。
- 麦克风(可选):用于录制以参与呼叫中心事件。


Do everything you can to support your idol, from TV commercials to subway display ads!

[Show Champion] Pre-vote for your idol, so you can get tickets to go and watch the show LIVE!
Vote in advance for the weekly MBC’s music program ‘Show Champion’ on Idol Champ!
After LIVE voting is complete, you can check to see if you have won the raffle for tickets to go see Show Champion LIVE in studio!
[Tip: Follow our Twitter channel to increase your chances of winning]

[Weekly Idol] Photos personally signed by your idol!
Participate in the ‘Weekly Idol Quizzes’ and receive various artists’ Polaroid photos with their personal autographs!

** IDOLCHAMP's way of supporting your idol**
Let’s promote my favorite idol on TV with "IDOLCHAMP Chart" #1!
'IDOLCHAMP CHART' is a self-ranking service that compiles and calculates activities that have participated in IDOLCHAMP’s various fandom services. When your idol has reached and won a first place for the Monthly Chart, a promotion video of your idol will be aired on TV channels such as ‘MBC MUSIC’, ‘MBC every1’, ‘MBC drama’. On top of that, your idol will be also listed in the Hall of Fame.

Show your fandom power and find your idol on subway ads!
Cheer for your idol on their birthdays, anniversaries or new album release!
Subway ads, TV subtitles, pop-up ads, donations, and other support funding options are all open. Set up your favorite idol reminder alarm and see your idol’s fundraising news in real time!

Vote and make your idol appear on one of the major news channels!
An idol, who has ranked first in PR voting, can become the main character of online news article. You will be so impressed by your idol being one of the top search words on famous portals.

Show Champion & IDOL Unofficial Video!
Check out unreleased images such as Show champion & Weekly Idol in the IDOLCHAMP! Every Wednesday, use our live streaming service when the show is on air, and support your favorite idol with comments!

Record breaking champions of IDOMCHAMP
If you wish to make your idol a champion on IDOLCHAMP, come participate and be part of the IDOLCHAMP CHART now!

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[Guidance on Necessary Access Authority for Using IDOLCHAMP]

- Device ID (Mandatory): Use your account and profile data on your device to distinguish and identify your device and send push alarm messages.
- In-App Purchase (Optional): Users use this to purchase something in the app.
- PhotoVideoFile (Optional): Access to gallery regarding the profile photo and use the saved files in the device and external storage of the device regarding the charging station (Adiscope).
- Microphone (Optional): Use this for recording to participate in the call center event.

※ If the Android version is under 6.0, the access authority of the app cannot be controlled individually. To control the unnecessary access authority, it is necessary to upgrade the operating system of the device to Android version over 6.0.









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